How to Track Orders for Outside Labs or Services

How to Track Orders for Outside Labs or Services

Quickly generate the orders you want to track by:

  1. Select the materials that require testing from your database.
  2. Review the detailed material specifications displayed, along with the laboratory sites authorized for use.
  3. Choose from the offered sites to automatically generate orders with relevant data, including expected completion dates and instructions.
  4. Print required documents, including labels.
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Outside labs orders

Ready to Streamline Communications with your Outside Laboratories?

Reduce the time and effort it takes to research and generate orders and instructions for testing at outside laboratories with Service Provider functionality. Manage priorities and communicate expected outcomes across the organization with ease.

Create Orders for Outside Laboratories and Ship Samples with These Simple Steps

Use material identification to locate product testing requirements and specifications.

From assigned laboratories, edit comments or instructions as needed.

Generate internal and external paperwork, labels and support documents.

Pack materials.

Share status and monitor events.


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Track Status of Orders for Outside Labs or Services

Make use of the data already developed in your software to quickly create trackable orders for outside laboratories or services, instructing them to execute testing and other tasks needed to support your QA and QC activities.

Creation of Service Provider Orders will support tracking:

  • Orders Issued
  • Expected completion dates
  • Assigned lab or service
  • Materials affected
  • Special instructions
  • Points of contact
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