Using Microbial and Heavy Metals Data In Certificates of Analysis

How to Handle Microbial and Heavy Metals Data In COAs

Handling microbial and heavy metals data requires the ability to switch easily between numbers and text, and accommodate specialty standards for industry. The recorded data must then be presented on relevant documents such as Certificates of Analysis and Product Specifications using the appropriate rules.

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Challenge of Dealing with Microbial and Heavy Metals Data – Switching between Data and Text

There is often the need to:

  • Replace number values too low to count with default values or text.
  • Respond with quantitative terms when actual numeric values are unavailable or unnecessary.

The correct outcome is achieved by defining in the set-up rules the desired method for data input or output, and the qualifying conditions that will affect the data.


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Our Configurable User Interface Supports a Range of Data Inputs


Common symbols, <, >, +


Numbers with up to 5 places of decimal precision, determined per test


Pre-defined text codes as data values


Yes/No or other Boolean responses


Data values with an assessment status text such as Conforms, Does Not Conform, or Ignore


Data values with predefined pass and fail statements


Supports microbial data recording and reporting requirements

Accommodates variety in heavy metals testing methods with ease

Promotes efficiency during skip lot and other qualification tasking to reduce data entry efforts

Enables incorporating industry specific language and codes

Allows easy switch between text or numbers during data entry

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